On-line services

We provide you with on-line tools to facilitate the management and distribution of information.

(+) Web sites

  • Design of the congress web site, either with its own domain, or as part of the Grup(+) domain.
  • Content. The web site will feature information on the content of the congress and the programme, as well as applications for on-line registration, hotel bookings and the reception of abstracts and papers.
  • * Links. Any other information the organiser wishes may be posted on the web site, as well as any other links that may prove of use to the participants.

(+) Registration

  • Grup (+) has dedicated software to permit on-line registration. When the application receives a new registration it will automatically generate a message of confirmation to the corresponding e-mail address and, once payment has been authorised, automatically issue bills and receipts.

(+) Hotel reservations and accommodation

  • Likewise the participants may book their accommodation on-line and, if they want, make payment via the virtual TPV.

(+) Abstracts

  • Those who wish to may submit their abstracts via the on-line application, including graphics and photographs.
  • The Scientific Committee will electronically assess the abstracts received and inform the author of their acceptance (or otherwise) and the mode of presentation of the work.
  • With a specially assigned PIN, the Scientific and Organising Committees may access the management area, that is, the data base, an so, at any time, consult a list of those registered and the status of individual registrations.

(+) Internet Payment

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